Building Zero Data Apps & Entrepreneurship — July 8th, 2021

A group discussion about earning a living building software without holding other people’s data. Open-source licensing, payment models, and more.

Blog post:

time section
00:00 Intro
01:50 Business models and challenges
04:35 Steve: Does this make $300,000 a year?
06:09 Mark: Is this profitable like SaaS?
08:29 What are we selling?
10:08 Basti: SaaS sells access to data
10:49 Boris: What features does SaaS enable?
12:25 Noel: What happens to data when apps stop working
13:30 Lorenzo: Educating people about technical possibilities
15:06 Boris: Movement building
15:53 Boris: What does open-source mean?
16:53 How does open-source change the dynamic?
19:11 Rosano: What I want for people using my apps
20:45 David: Beyond donations
22:27 David: Doing feathers.js full-time
24:31 Basti: Hosting the app versus the data
27:17 Boris: People paying for convenience of not hosting
28:39 Basti/Gyuri: The value of apps
29:21 Sustaining projects less transactionally
32:54 Lorenzo: Research on digital commons and peer production
35:08 Boris: The impact of on open-source culture
36:02 David: Challenges in distributing collective funds
37:53 David: Culture changes post Microsoft, Google, Facebook
39:55 Basti: How Kosmos pays contributors with crypto
44:05 Boris: The non-western world in open-source
45:52 Boris: Bringing non-engineers into the fold
47:16 David: Too much governance
50:21 Boris: Directing dividends to makers automatically
53:29 Rosano: Community-building
55:13 Rosano: Looking for collaborators
56:48 Gyuri: Leverage interoperability to create community
57:57 Boris: Building movements together
61:18 Interoperability challenges
62:56 Lorenzo/Boris/Basti: Matrix recruiting their lead contributors
67:10 Basti/Boris: Dangers of centralized influence in ecosystems
73:16 Rosano: Calls to action