#ZeroData news October 2021

Interoperable Serendipity

Noel De Martin from the SOLID community recently wrote some ideas about apps interoperating spontaneously, framing in terms of Cory Doctorow’s three classifications, describing shortcomings of centralized vocabularies and Cambria lenses. There’s a nice thread with some thoughts from Boris at Fission, be welcome to jump in. Interoperable Serendipity

Going Doorless

I fleshed out some ideas about apps as public spaces with a more detailed vision for how they can become as shareable as most Internet content Going doorless


Rosano & cblgh invite you to a show-and-tell on October 27th (time forthcoming). Come and share what projects you’re working on: experiments, works-in-progress & under construction, mundane or extraordinary—anything goes, as long as it’s yours~ Zero Data Swap #3: Maker Meet — October 27, 2021

The audio from last month’s swap is online. We discussed what makes files composable and extensible, how to be supportive of files in ecosystems where they aren’t present (such as mobile), what changes when using files via Zero Data protocols, and more. Participants included Alexander Cobleigh, Boris Mann, Doug Reeder, Gordon Brander, Jess Martin, Noel De Martin, and Rosano. Zero Data Swap #2: Files / Portability — September 29, 2021 - #2 by rosano

Community Events

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